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Oxygen Concentrator For Medical And HomeCare Use KJR-Y51W

Rs. 1,50,000Rs. 1,20,000
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    Product details of Oxygen Concentrator For Medical And HomeCare Use KJR-Y51W

    Can supply pure 90 % oxygen even on 5L\M supply rate.This concentrator is used to provide continuous oxygen-enriched product gas with a purity of 90%~96%(V/V) for patients, adolescent to geriatric, suffering from health conditions that cause low levels of oxygen in the blood( hypoxemia). This unit is not a life-support device. Geriatric, pediatric, or any other patient unable to communicate discomfort while using this device should receive additional monitoring.Area Of Applications: Hospital, Home Care Use, Pet Hospital, etc.PERFORMANCE ADVANTAGES

    • Precise Stable High Oxygen Concentration & Real-time Monitoring:-The device can produce oxygen with purity to be 93%±3%(V/V) (0.5L/min~5L/min). An internal oxygen purity sensor can monitor the oxygen purity in real-time.
    • Safety Alarm Function:-Compressor overheats alarm, power failure alarm, and low oxygen purity alarm make the concentrator safe to use.
    • Precise Electric Flow Control:-The concentrator is equipped with a flow meter, which makes flow control easy and simple.
    • Multi-filter protection:-Sponge foam filter, HEPA filter, and internal bacteria filter keep dust and bacteria away and ensure clean oxygen output.

    Comes With 1 Year Warranty.

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