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Solo Fiesta Coffee Spoon Set Of 12Pcs

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    Product details of Solo Fiesta Coffee Spoon Set Of 12Pcs

    • The small spoon for the stirring of sugar or milk in a hot drink is called coffee spoon or tea spoon.• This spoon is perfect for stirring warm beverages, or perhaps for savoring your favorite frozen treat.• We know what you like; we have so many collections .• So kindly check our other designs.• Personalized gifts, motivational• gift, self• confident• gift, stamped spoons, unique gifts, and self• gift, vintage gift, christmas gift,teenage boys gifts ideas,cool husband gifts,ice cream bowls,spoon holder,peanut butter knife,boyfriend birthday gifts,teen stocking stuffers,christmas presents bor boyfriend,funny stocking stuffers,boyfriend gifts for christmas,christmas gift for husband.• Available in a full set• Prices for coffee spoon( 12pcs only)• Color: Silver• Brand: Solo Fiesta Coffee Spoon• Material: Stainless Steel• Pack Of 12pcs• Code: Solo Fiesta Coffee Spoon
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