The Winner Stands Alone By Paulo Coelho


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In ‘The Winner Stands Alone’, Paulo Coelho expresses his utter contempt for the natural working order of the world. The story is based on one day at the Cannes Film Festival. He explores the completely shallow lifestyles of the ‘superclass’; the class of rich, dwindling, botox-fed rich people who are carried away by fame and luxury and who own private jets and live extravagant lives. On the contrary, he also expresses his contempt for ‘the other’ class which includes people earning average wages or less. It includes people who follow a certain monotone and do things a certain way all their lives to get certain results. Amidst the chaotic events at the world’s largest film festival, Coelho lays bare the fallacies of the human soul and shows how downright materialistic our generation has become.

– The Winner Stands Alone
– Paperback
– Book Type: Fiction
– Language: English
– Pages:400 Pages
– Publisher:HarperLuxe
– ISBN:9780061774867
– Product Dimension:12.9 x 1.5 x 19.8 cm
– Author:Paulo Coelho


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